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Discover Villa Rodona, the masterpiece of luxury architecture in Catalonia

Discover Villa Rodona, the masterpiece of luxury architecture in Catalonia

Villa Rodona is a luxury villa located near the Catalan town of La Pera. This villa is a true architectural work of art, created in a creative dialogue between the famous architect and the world-renowned artist, Salvador Dalí. Villa Rodona boasts extraordinary views of Salvador Dalí’s castle in Púbol, with a huge window opening from this side.

The interior of Villa Rodona is a visual spectacle of materials, shapes, sculptures and decorations. The main “theatrical” component is a hall incorporating a stage and amphitheatre. The pool is surrounded by Egyptian steps, patios with orange trees and gardens with poplars and cypresses. The greenery of the ceilings and walls, and the glass roof skylight that lets natural light into the room, perfectly complement the natural beauty of the landscape.

The magnificent composition of lines, spaces and volumes, colors and materials, architectural forms, sculptures and decorations, creates a great whole that blends organically with the natural landscape that surrounds it.

Villa Rodona is a great monument to art, made of brick and concrete, representing a combination of architecture and landscape. In addition to the main hall, the villa has two patios with orange trees, protected by the walls with the spectacular Egyptian stairs. These stairs create a dynamic in the façade of the building that is supported by two alleys with cypresses and poplars that extend towards the opposite corners of the garden.

The design of the villa it also takes into account natural lighting, which makes light play an important role in creating a magical atmosphere throughout the building. The glass roof skylight is one of the most surprising elements of the villa, as it lets in a large amount of natural light in the main living room.

Villa Rodona is an opportunity unique opportunity to have an incomparable life experience in a dream villa. If you are looking for a unique place, in a spectacular natural environment, do not miss the opportunity to have your own work of architectural art in Catalonia. Contact us now for more information on this property and enjoy life in a truly magical place.

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