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Carnival in Roses

Carnival in Roses

The Roses carnival is one of the areas of local life that incorporates a greater symbolic and emotional charge. In recent decades it has become a commonplace of local essentialism, almost unmarried by rational or emotional dissent.

We said it a few years ago: “…It is the festival most appreciated by the rose bushes, inalienable and beloved, felt as the most personal, personal and non-transferable, loaded with nostalgia and memories”.

In an imperceptible way, the identification between the subjects Roses and carnival has become total, absolute. It is evident that, in all of this, there has been a will to promote this festival because, after all, it has served to unite the community at a time when it was especially necessary, on the one hand, to redo and/or strengthen the identity community of the population in the face of a modern and different world and, on the other and consequently, become another means of integration for the recently arrived social sectors that, since the 1960s, and sheltered from the development of tourism, have transformed social reality of Roses.

If we understand the centrality of the carnival festival in local life, we will also
understand the need to make a sociological and historical reflection that
allows us to explain and understand how this centrality that we mentioned is achieved.
Any social creation becomes a symbolic manifestation when it responds to certain
specific, socially shared purposes, or when it is capable of satisfying the ideological expectations of the dominant social groups, which use it for the benefit of a certain social project and political or, at least, they are forced to swallow it in their mental magma and manipulate it in order to finally be able to use it in a concrete, material way. In this way, some collective experiences are dismissed -their purpose is not important or relevant, or they do not present characteristics that could help to reinforce the community features that they want to promote at that historical moment-, while others survive the passage of time and acquire a significance that exceeds the limits for which they were created. In short, they have demonstrated community functionality

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