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Tapas around Roses

Tapas around Roses

Wow! The Tapas Route in Roses is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the delicious local gastronomy and get to know new flavors.

During March 17 to 26, 2023, visitors will be able to taste a variety of tapas and wines from the DO Empordà region that will be shown by the different restaurants and bars participating in the route. Without a doubt, it is an excellent opportunity to get to know the culinary culture of the region and enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.

In addition, the Tapas Route in Roses is a very popular festival in the area and attracts many visitors each year, so the atmosphere is very lively and festive. If you’re in the area on those dates, you can’t miss it!

The Tapas Route in Roses is a gastronomic event that takes place in the city of Roses, located in the province of Girona, Spain. Along the route, several restaurants and bars in the city offer a selection of tapas and drinks at special prices.

The route is usually carried out during certain days of the year and it is an opportunity for visitors and residents of the city to enjoy the local cuisine and discover new flavors. Each participating establishment offers one or several tapas, and visitors can go from one to another to try different dishes and drinks.

The Tapas Route in Roses is usually very popular with foodies and often attracts many tourists who visit the city to try the delicious tapas on offer. It’s a great way to discover the local culinary culture and enjoy a unique dining experience.

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