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El Carmen

El Carmen


Celebration of the Virgen del Carmen in Empuriabrava on the 13th of
July to July 16, 2023
A tribute to seafarers


Castelló d’Empúries is filled with joy and fervor every year to celebrate the festival
of the Virgen del Carmen, the patron saint of sailors, fishermen and navigators.
This moving holiday brings together the maritime community to pay tribute to the
protector of those who face the dangers of the sea. At the epicenter of
these festivities, is Empuriabrava, the residential marina of the municipality,
which is adorned with a series of events and activities to commemorate this
special occasion.

The Spirit of Empuriabrava:

Empuriabrava, located on the coast of the Bay of Roses and surrounded by the
majestic Natural Park of the Empordà Wetlands, is a joy
paradise that attracts visitors from all over the world. this picturesque
marina stands out for its scenic beauty and its unique maritime environment that
becomes one of the most dazzling destinations for lovers of the sea and the

The Feast of the Virgen del Carmen:

The Virgen del Carmen is a figure revered by the maritime community due to
her role as patroness and protector of sailors. Every year during the
festivity of the Virgen del Carmen, the inhabitants of Empuriabrava come together to
honor her with a series of religious and festive events. The devotion and the
gratitude towards the Virgin become palpable during the processions and
religious ceremonies, where sailors and fishermen come dressed in their
uniforms and carry offerings as a symbol of thanks for their protection in
their voyages by sea.

Acts and Proposals for All Tastes:

The Empuriabrava festival offers a wide variety of events and proposals
so that all visitors can enjoy and participate in the celebration. From
concerts and shows to water and sports activities, every corner of
the marina is filled with joy and color during these days. The restaurants and bars are
dress up, offer traditional dishes from the region and seafood delicacies that
conquer the palate of attendees.
The tourist attractions of Empuriabrava, such as its navigable channels and its
golden sand beaches, will be configured in places of meeting and fun for
the whole family. In addition, craft fairs and local markets offer products
typical and souvenirs to take a special memory of this festivity so

An Encounter with Tradition and Hospitality:

The Virgen del Carmen festival in Empuriabrava is an opportunity to
learn about the maritime tradition and the hospitality of its inhabitants. The
locals open their doors and hearts to welcome visitors, sharing
with them the cultural and gastronomic wealth of the region.

The festival of the Virgen del Carmen in Empuriabrava is an experience

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