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Sons of the Mon Roses

Sons of the Mon Roses


The Festival Sons del Mon de Roses is recognized for providing an experience
unique culture for lovers of music and art. In its 2023 edition, this
event delights us with the presence of Chanel, an exceptional artist who captivates
the public with his talent and creativity. On July 21, in the idyllic setting of Roses,
Chanel invites us to immerse ourselves in her artistic world and enjoy an evening
full of emotions and surprises.

Chanel: an encounter with him
art in the Festival Sons of the
Mon Roses 2023

Chanel: More than an Artist

Chanel is much more than an artist; is a multidisciplinary creator who
combines music, dance, performance and visual elements to convey messages
and unique emotions. His unique and innovative style has captivated audiences all over
the world, making her a leading figure in the art scene


The magic of his performance

On July 21, 2023, Chanel will arrive in Roses to offer a performance
extraordinary within the framework of the Sons del Mon Festival. His performance, carefully
prepared and full of surprises, it will transport us to a fascinating artistic universe
where music and art are masterfully intertwined. through your voice
captivating and her stage movements, Chanel will invite us to explore
emotions, reflections and deep connections.

A Visually Stunning Spectacle

Chanel’s performance is not limited to just music and voice. His performances are
carefully choreographed and integrated with striking visuals.
Using projections, lights and scenery, Chanel creates an immersive environment
that transports the public to a world of beauty and mystery. Every detail is
meticulously planned to stimulate the senses and create an experience
complete artistic.


An Innovative Proposal

What makes Chanel an exceptional artist is her ability to fuse
genres and musical styles, creating an innovative and surprising proposal. His
music combines elements of different cultures and traditions, bringing the public
on a sound journey that transcends borders. From tribal rhythms to melodies
electronic, each Chanel song is a unique expression of her creativity and
Passion for art.

A Unique Opportunity in Sons del Mon

Chanel’s performance at the Sons del Mon de Roses Festival on July 21, 2023
it is a unique opportunity to experience your talent in a magical setting. This
festival has been noted for its careful selection of artists and its focus on
offer unique artistic proposals. Chanel’s participation is a testament to
the quality and diversity of artists that perform at this event, and you cannot
miss the opportunity to witness his performance live.


Chanel is an artist who transcends the conventional limits of art and invites us
to immerse ourselves in a unique creative universe. His performance at the Festival Sons del
Mon de Roses on July 21


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